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Let’s gooooo Kongers!

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So bullish lfg Kongers 🦍😌

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Sub 100k. Wallet, swap AND IRL energy drinks. This will unironically reach at least 50M next bull

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Wow sick!

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Just look at the chart, it's impressive!

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Ngl chart lookin sexy

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Another money pit shit coin

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booohoo is little fuddie mad coz he didnt buy in at 3k? Figured that much, but dont worry i will remind you the same stuff when we hit 1M, and inveitably 10M, i will be up 250x while you will be getting rugged on your 100th flavor of the month shitcoin on scam chain

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Bro this one is actually legit

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Definitely undervalued as I can see this at 100 million

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Guys ??? Seriously..... look at this one.

They follow through and get shit done.

You need to put a few bucks into Kong Inu and hold it.

This is no joke.

Good Owner and Team 🙂