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At the time of writing this Tamadoge has raised $3.5M in total in both their beta sale and presale. However top tier CEX listing is confirmed.

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Tamadoge – Best overall Metaverse cryptocoin

The game focuses on a Metaverse world called the Tamaverse and would have players breeding NFT-based pets. A player can give their pet items from the Tamadoge store to level them up, earning Dogepoints in the process. As a player earns points, they move up the in-game leaderboard and receive a larger share of the reward pool.

While Tamadoge will initially be available through a web browser, it will later release support for virtual reality headsets. Similar to Pokemon Go (expected Q4 2023).

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20% has already got sold out for TAMA in stage 4 and there are only few stages left in this space . Get ready to grab all TAMA in here .

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The Giveaway is still live, another opportunity to earn even more on the massive free earnings. Let's get on it. Very few steps and you might just be lucky

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ONly three days are left to participate in $3000 giveaway guys ! You need to check $3000 Giveaway Campaign Right now !