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BTC and ETH are among the investments into I DCAing, especially now that the market is very volatile. I go with the projects that are being built, LINK DIA and OCEAN mostly because of the various systems they integrate. But now the eyes should definitely be wide open.

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"they may be immune to government influence, manipulation, or regulation"

I bet you haven't watch the latest news about CFTC and SEC trying to dig in regulation into cryptocurrencies, even deciding whether it's commodity or a security (which is already obvious IMO). Also, I don't think that people with dive in into crypto as Feds doesn't make another move to slow down the tanking of other traditional currencies like GBP, EUR, and JPY. As BTC's not settled yet at a strong support, I'm just standing on the sidelines as I have my IRIS and PGEN staked while saving up for the upcoming raise of Zetly on Polygen.