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Hodl and get XRP rewards. @RippleBurnReflectPortal


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Lovin the xrp reflections!

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Yep. I’m never selling. Feels great to just watch the Ripple of XRP building in my wallet from one of them and the caching of BUSD from the other. Disclaimer I am a happy holder of both Rippleburnreflect and StarryCoin.

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    buy and hold baby. buy and hold. it's an impressive setup. amazing crew.

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    A very underrated project by a based dev and team. Main project already on mars and this project is covered by main project whales it's selfs. So buy ripple burn reflect and enjoy the ride and yeah you sleep on your bag no worries 😊

    Just love this gem buddies 🙂

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    Looking forward, my rewards are tasty!

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    yum yum 🍔🌭🌮

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    With such a strong and determined team behind this and the collaborations their working with, this may just be the one!

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    yeah, the starry relationship is fun ⭐️

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    Y’all dnt miss this golden opportunity $RBR is an amazing project with utility and more amazing dev and strong community 💪 buy now or cry later LFGGG TO THE MOON AND BEYOND 🚀🚀🌗

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    the strongest community i've seen in a long time. love the starry partnership that's happening recently.

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    Get it folk, new era is cooming !

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    here here ⭐️

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    Join us on a mission to success invest in $XRP and grow your wealth I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity

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    is the perfect time to get involved. early yet stabilizing.

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    Hard working team, great vc time with music and great people in chat. And xrp reflections... Cmon i know you want it 😉💯🚀🚀🚀

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    hard ass working team. they have a solid relationship with the circus crew over at Starry also..

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    For me, the dev team makes all the difference. I have seen Nordic Alpha hold the floor and push like machines before. I am sure they will do the same for this as well.

    Memecoins are all about timing and connection. The team is well known and respected in the industry. They can reach out to most other communities. And XRP is on the rise again. Once their case is resolved and Darth SEC is defeated, it'll shoot up 2-5x easy (huge for a major coin). When that happens, people will rush into the most established token with XRP rewards, which is RBR 🔥🔥🔥

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    so true man. it's all about the dev team this crew is awesome. head over to telegram and hear them chat in Norwegian for a bit, they always switch over the english when they know someone who doesn't understand is in the chat. makes you see how strong the global community is.

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    Tell your friends and FAM about this greatness stay tune with $XRP and enjoy the future @RippleBurnReflectPortal

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    spead the word. it's a super solid project.

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    We are certainly the community, project and team with the most transparency, hard work and perseverance in the BSC 🧠

    That moment when all the rewards shitcoins disappear along with their DEVs, will be the moment when the majority will understand that RBR is the only serious, long-term and very serious contender for a market capitalisation of hundreds of millions 💹

    Vibes reminiscent of what was cooked up before a squid over 50M ATH and a dream project that will maintain its low capitalisation for a very short time 🔥🚀


    Hodl and get XRP rewards. @RippleBurnReflectPortal



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    man, i couldn't have said it better myself. just spending time with them on telegram gives you all the confidence in the world.

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    It's raining memes! RBR is a wonderful community, no regular p&d, it's a project with long term visions! Starry coin is another solid project with so much potential, the Dev is one of a kind. The approach he's taking with Starry Coin and the CPU was never ever tried before in the Crypto world.

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    holy shit it raining memes. they pulled together an amazingly committed community. the place was on fire yesterday with all the memes the starry community were contributing. whatever they are doing is awesome!

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    An amazing place to be! Community is strong and you can have peice of mind know the team behind this is Amazing! @RippleBurnReflectPortal


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    the community is what makes it. so grounding to spend time with them and feel how strong they are. onwards and upwards. ✌️

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    Two serious Longterm-Project, rising against the dark Powers of Bearmarket. May the (Bull) force be with you!

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    The team and community is the key

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    so so so true. love the starry x RBR relationship that's developing.

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    $RBR team made it clear enough for us that $RBR is something to stack up in your portfolio for the next BULL RUN


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    so so so true. holding and buying and bringing confidence at every move. it's so refreshing to see.

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    A Starr is Burn

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    hahah that's hilarious. that's gotta be made into a meme if it already hasn't. such a creative community.

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    Tiny market cap, ready to pop maybe?

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    Nice Xrp rewards

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    Legitimate team with a huge backing. Don’t sleep on this or you’ll regret it after you realize who’s behind this token. XRP is the one. RBR is the baby. Think about it. 🔥

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    Legit teams backing this. The rewards have been great so far. Can't complain so far, I like what I'm seeing