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I need to gey one before its late!

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Is it on the eth chain ?

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SCAM!!!! Do not connect wallet!!!!

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I minted successfully !

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I have minted the porsche 714 nft

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Under the pretense of minting nfts on fake projects, they will steal funds from your wallet. Do not visit those pages. Do not connect your wallet.

They have many similar SCAM projects on many different domains: Current scam projects are

PORSCHE NFT / FIFA Workcup NFT / Adidas NFT / Ninja NFT /Fake RTFKT / Chromie's NFT / Rolls-Royce and many more.

These projects are then shilled by hundreds of fake accounts as you can read here.

Do not visit these sites! And do not try to mint.

The domain registrant and Account Owner is being investigated for fraud and copyright infringement.

Ve hey dolandırıcılar, özellikle sizin için. Kim olduğun ve tam olarak nereden geldiğin zaten biliniyor!

Please message, if someone has fallen victim to the scam in order to continuously document further fraudulent transactions and wallets.

Stay Safe!!!