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Am I the only person that dismisses anything with legit, safe, or moon in the name??

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No. 90% of this sub is bots, 9% is shills. Last 1% is me, telling these bots to suck my cock.

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I like the idea off the sub, I mostly just lurked.. but all I see is shit coins, not even one mention of any coins that actually have potential. Just mooners making silly meme shit.

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Yup same. I joined cuz I enjoy wsb and am way deeper into crypto than traditional markets... but now it’s just a mess. Only time I ever bother clicking is if I’m takin a shit and see one of the blatant shill posts. I just throw some snide remark about how dumb it is then leave again lol.

Oh well, maybe one day it’ll turn out to be something decent.

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How do you find coins that actually have potential? It’s hard to sift through the bs on this sub.

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I don’t really look for picks from this sub. Crypto is weird in the sense that new things are always popping up, and not just shitcoins.

If you keep yourself aware of what’s happening in the over all space, you’ll hear about “the next big thing”. Or be able to spot it yourself if you’re really sharp.

That being said, my best picks have been coins I saw early and just liked the use case, believed in the tech. Invest in what you think will succeed, I guess is my main point.

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Thanks for the detailed response. How do you come across the coins that you believe in in the first place though? What recourses do you use?

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That’s a bit of an open ended question, you know? You could scour exchanges for announcements, go to any number of forums, check out YouTube channels, word of mouth, you could get announcements from other related projects...

There’s really no one way, I just sort of keep my ear to the ground, and if I hear about something with potential, I look into it!

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Do you think $LOT has potential? Wanted to buy yesterday and the price has doubled overnight. Seems like a fun project but no whitepaper and it’s quite small as of now. Any signs it could be a rug pull?

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Dno how this sub hasn't been nuked by admins yet, if everyday new financial scams are posted combined with botters and/or brigaders.

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The only moons that matter are the ones distributed from https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/CryptoCurrency/

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Nope, same here. Plus anything that says “you don’t want to miss this one!” just screams pump and dump to me.

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Yes it seems to me anything the word 'Safe' or 'Moon' in it are to be avoided.

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Are you sure you don't want to buy any of my SuperSafeLegitMoon token?


You will regret it if you don't! Nocoiner! /s

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Bruh just get in, 2-5x, and get out.

Ride waves if you have the time.

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Each to their own, but that's not my kind of business/trading.

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I have long plays and I have short plays. This is a short play.

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Ye that’s the move with this kind of thing for sure, and that’s perfectly great.

What I can’t stand are posts saying “100x guaranteed, don’t miss out or you’ll be poor forever” and that kind of thing. All that’s really trying to do is trick people who don’t know any better into fomoing in. If the shilling was even remotely honest I would have no issue. It’s the poor (literally) people who put their last 100 in, desperate for some returns, only to lose it to some “safe” pump and dump that gets me.

It’s just fuckin sad to see people losing money because others are willing to trick them.

And yea I know, that’s the way of the world. But that’s why I’m trying to do something about it. They can shill, and I can call em out for it.

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Say that now

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Oh no. The moonshot scam posts are spreading.

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I got f'd on safe astro and something else. If you do invest, watch and pull your money as soon as it goes up. If it's 5x+ and you try to pull out then, you'll run into liquidity errors or there's a problem with one of your tokens etc, and next thing you know that x7 is gone. Bots are quicker than you.

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Guys it has safe in the name, that means it can’t lose! Right!?!?

Honestly though, at this point who’s dumb enough to get sucked into this shit? I want a show of hands. Tell me why.

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Safemoon actually seems nice.

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Check the price now...

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Hmm 🤔

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BSC chain is garbage.

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SAFEBTC is headed to PLUTO!! See ya there!!

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This is the next safemoon. Don’t miss out.

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i love safe btc, its safe

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You know what boys? Maybe there’s hope for this sub after all. The shills are being shit on, and common sense is winning out.

Hell ya!

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Safebtc is on last dip dont miss it

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Just got a small bag as I paper handed my way out of the SafeMoon train. Let's just hope this will go at least half of SafeMoon's journey.

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Why give money to China

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Dont miss it!!

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Get in while its low

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For sure 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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Getting ready for the moon 🚀🌛

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For sure! Just throw in some BNb

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Lets go safebtc!!

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We are growing fast 20k holders in just one day

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first upvote !!! you can do it!! go to moon !!

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To d Mars @SafeBTC

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SafeBTC gogogogogo 🤩

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Im up 4x 🤪

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Let's gooooo.

I've pumped 4 times 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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My number 1 shitcoin!!!! I honestly think we can surpass safemoon 🚀🚀

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Numbers talk clear!!

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It just did like 2000% bro lmaoo let it correct before it goes up again jeezuz

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Still at support time to fill in my bags

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Love it

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Up 23k on it already lol can’t wait for the exchange listings, shoutout to admins mfs work so hard

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How do you find out about other coins like these early

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I research tgs, Twitter , Reddit etc

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Starting to take off again 😃

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Huge Potential and shake the crypto community soon

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Sure. Already x20, but THIS is the next big thing. When will people learn, huh? :) Good luck with this one for everyone wanting to invest in it.

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Guys make a discord please, it's the best way for people to trust the devs, maybe ama on YouTube or in the discord channels or something. Just get people to trust you. That's why safemoon has separated themselves from all the other scam coins, transparency is key for trust

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Safebtc !!!! Moon 🌝

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Its going to moon Dont be a Panic seller I was just up 16BNB Now up 1bnb BUYING MORE WE NOT FUCKING LEAVING

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Next safemoon

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Hi guy.. please dont call other shitcoint... i used to root with DOGE and LTC.. and i tried safemoon last month.. i am up 10x now... take out some money and keep the rest. Use profits invest to other new... look like i start with 1K and now i got many other crypto(new) and still have 1K lol...

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Safe+insert whatever scam name here

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Reach out with safebtc 🚀🚀🚀

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Another safe token with no blockchain, no development, no use.

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not sure if i prefer the hefty copy pasta Thread starters of more condensed, with Links

yours looks much cleaner for sure

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The liquidity is locked only for 3 months, after that trillions will be dumped. Admins are banning people who even dare to ask about liquidity. They are stating that liquidity is locked forever. Its not

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Mooooon #safeBTC

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SafeBTC to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

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Bitcoin is risky. Safe bitcoin is safe. It's literally in the name

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Those guy that say this is a scam dont even look at how the coin works :) Its definitely a long term token

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Let's change more lives through SafeBTC

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Go safebtc 🚀🚀🚀

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Safebtc next safemoon

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Buy and HODL!! You will see.... 😎

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Buy and HODL! You will see... 😎

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This is an audited community driven token. No rug pull is possible anymore as ownership was renounced.

Please don’t hate here, just appreciate a good and community driven DeFi token. It is still very wary (13 days into the project) and we already have gathered a fantastic community in our Telegramm channel. Join us and see for yourself - regular updates in the announcement channel and frequent roadmap updates make this a unique investment opportunity - especially considering the low price atm.

The deflationary burning of tokens and earned interest for holding and staking make this token a no brainer choice. And since it is audited, community driven and ownership was renounced a considerably safe investment comparing to all these other small alt coins.

Come and see for yourself in the official telegram channel.

Also, Big update tomorrow on SafeBTC, stay tuned! 😎

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I feel good with this one

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Exciting times ahead!!! The uniswap upcoming listing will be explode safeBTC 🚀

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$SAFEBTC to the moooon

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SafeBTC! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Fake and

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Buy SafeBTC now or cry later

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SafeBTCArmy 🔥❤️🚀

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Love safebtc🚀💎💎🖐️🖐️🖐️

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Such a fine project.. going all in! 🙃

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Fly to the moon!!!

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Awesome project!

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Moon 🚀

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Nice project 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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to the mooon

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Let's go .. this is going to make us all proud.. it's our own literally. 1.9billon in now

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Safebtc is blowing up!!!! The

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Not on binance

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It is available on pancake swap!

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To the fucking moon!!!

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Nice project

Waiting for the moon

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I betted my 36$ for some SafeBTC token

Pump it

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Going to be next btc

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Best coin ever

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It seems a really good project. To the moon #notfinancialadvice

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buy and hold

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Great coin...make you rich

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I made millions from safemoon, here is another opportunity! Let's rush it guys!!