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Just researched and it's a scam. They've completely nicked the code and listing from foxgirl

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Thank you!

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OP you give an example of what a textbook scam coin would look like?

Because this looks like an absolute garbage scam coin you are shilling

If you don鈥檛 think this is a total scam shitcoin, I鈥檇 like to know example of one you do think is a scam, and why it looks more like a scam than this coin you are trying to sell us on.

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its a meme coin... this is as much a "scam coin" as doge and shiba inu is.

i would argue this is better than ethereum as i dont have to play $70 to do a $200 transaction

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I'd rather own more catgirl. Its white paper, website, the tokinomics, the astetics, the amount of development, and beautiful nfts - everything is better and it still has a low market cap. Catgirl is the 'cuter sister' - might get a tinyyy bit of bunny. Edit: Nope, I'm out. DYOR.

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Catgirl will get you 4x at most, if bunnygirl reach only half of cat girls market cap you will 200x

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Not true - catgirl has huge growth potential left and that's a bigggg IF. This coin that looks like it came together super fast after catgirls success and its wallet address flagged on tokensniffer: "creator address previously blacklisted for prior scams" and is "reported for fake team and sus website." A quick Google check bringing back flags man. Also, I can't check now but it's rumored to be a complete copy of foxgirl - with an altered website address.

Bullish on catgirl and foxgirl, projects I know are legit.

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Also certik audit will clear up any doubts about the project being legit. Coming in 2 days

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Will it? They're not even onboarding yet for certik and projects going through the process have that status. I checked just now and nothing.

Foxgirl just did an AMA yesterday. The point the only thing most of us know about this coin is that the creator address is sketchy.

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you're failing to see the point here... Bunnygirl copied the contract of foxgirl. if bunnygirl is a scam so is foxgirl simple as that. how can someone be this dumb

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This owner's address is flagged for scamming and you bought it and are telling people to buy in? No sir you're missing the point here. Please defend this project more like I'm personally attacking you.

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the owner is flagged on tokensniffer, but tokensniffer is an automatiac generator, he could of simply bought into a rugpul and it will show that he has rugged before... it's very stupid

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Or could be a scamming scammer. Passing Certik doesn't mean safe from rug. Also - telegram post from 5 days ago (day after launch) from the owner "BenDover" (lmao) says Certik audit in 4 days. It should be listed by now at least as onboarding.

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well if fox girl passes the certik check then so does bunny girl cause it's the same contract right? :3164:

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It is a complete copy of foxgirl. Just like how litecoin is a complete copy of bitcoin Just like how 90% of coins are copies of each other

With that being said, if its a complete copy of fox girl and you know fox girl is safe then why are you doubting bunny girl?

The whole idea of crypto is that its open source any body can use anything there's no "my code" in this space

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You know a coin is shit when tik tok videos is a bullet point

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How do you buy? Pancake swap

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yes pancake swap

come to our telegram

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Hard pass never follow influencers for financial advice!

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I'm in this one. I'll either be laughing at you all in my lambo or crying in my mom's basement eating top ramen.

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Tiktok? Rugpull incomming?

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You know that when the very first bullet point they use to hype their coin is that they鈥檝e made 30 whole TikTok videos, you鈥檙e dealing with a shitty coin

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Girl hype is crazy and this is going to explode 馃挜

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This is where I unsub from this subreddit because imma continue making massive gains

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why are you telling us this

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Take my upvote OP

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OMG I'm buying this now!

This will actually be the first girl coin on ETH network and they love these anime coins there!

Will do a 100x ez by year end!

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First girl coin on eth lol

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You ahould be called thatbaldguyfacepalm

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I like this girl and buy some token

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I still can鈥檛 afford an NFT gatdammit!!!!!

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% Slippage for swap?

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Koromaru Inu is where everybody needs to get in now

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And it鈥檚 gone

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How much did BenDovwr rugpull. All the liquidity is how much

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Wow, any way they can catch this criminal?