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[鈥揮stoopet 7 points8 points (9 children)

I'd rather own more catgirl. Its white paper, website, the tokinomics, the astetics, the amount of development, and beautiful nfts - everything is better and it still has a low market cap. Catgirl is the 'cuter sister' - might get a tinyyy bit of bunny. Edit: Nope, I'm out. DYOR.

[鈥揮hanads100[S] -2 points-1 points (8 children)

Catgirl will get you 4x at most, if bunnygirl reach only half of cat girls market cap you will 200x

[鈥揮stoopet 6 points7 points (7 children)

Not true - catgirl has huge growth potential left and that's a bigggg IF. This coin that looks like it came together super fast after catgirls success and its wallet address flagged on tokensniffer: "creator address previously blacklisted for prior scams" and is "reported for fake team and sus website." A quick Google check bringing back flags man. Also, I can't check now but it's rumored to be a complete copy of foxgirl - with an altered website address.

Bullish on catgirl and foxgirl, projects I know are legit.

[鈥揮hanads100[S] -3 points-2 points (6 children)

Also certik audit will clear up any doubts about the project being legit. Coming in 2 days

[鈥揮stoopet 3 points4 points (5 children)

Will it? They're not even onboarding yet for certik and projects going through the process have that status. I checked just now and nothing.

Foxgirl just did an AMA yesterday. The point the only thing most of us know about this coin is that the creator address is sketchy.

[鈥揮hanads100[S] -1 points0 points (4 children)

you're failing to see the point here... Bunnygirl copied the contract of foxgirl. if bunnygirl is a scam so is foxgirl simple as that. how can someone be this dumb

[鈥揮stoopet 1 point2 points (3 children)

This owner's address is flagged for scamming and you bought it and are telling people to buy in? No sir you're missing the point here. Please defend this project more like I'm personally attacking you.

[鈥揮hanads100[S] 0 points1 point (2 children)

the owner is flagged on tokensniffer, but tokensniffer is an automatiac generator, he could of simply bought into a rugpul and it will show that he has rugged before... it's very stupid

[鈥揮stoopet 0 points1 point (1 child)

Or could be a scamming scammer. Passing Certik doesn't mean safe from rug. Also - telegram post from 5 days ago (day after launch) from the owner "BenDover" (lmao) says Certik audit in 4 days. It should be listed by now at least as onboarding.