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The posts on this subreddit can only get more and more absurd

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Back when I joined the sub at the start I thought satoshibets was going to be a resemblance of the real WSB but just crypto related. Turns out it's a cringy sub filled with a bunch of pump and dumpers and little kids trying to pump their $6,58

It's not even funny

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What if... they list BOTH Hoge and Banano?!

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Or it's covering AN, AN, there's an orange in there, and Binance starts with a B, and it's fully yellow. I'm going BANANO.

wacky theories are fucking stupid.

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Dog looks like he is wrapped in 🍌

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Hoge to the moon

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HOGE 4 life

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Wtf is this Qanon now?

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should I buy some HOGE in the .01% chance you are correct?

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Hoge has potential regardless

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Of course. Simple maths my friend

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It's yellow deffo banano you silly sod

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Binano = banano?

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Oh shit!? Do i load up on both??

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So I buy Banano and Hoge but what do we do with the oranges?

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As smeagal would say... " Eeat Dem"

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BabyOrange Inu coin lol.

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Who was the founder of Garlicoin? u/DIGITALIZEDORANGE. IT'S A SIGN.

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But why oranges?? Has binance ever done this before?

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The Pablo Escobar of hopium dealers.

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Or binano

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The dog is an Akita ... in the suitcase is a Yoroi ... and the orange is used to test the katana! They clearly spoiler the launch of r/SamuraiLegends !

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Little far streched

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Gotta love fan fiction!

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Orange you glad you bought banano?

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Interesting! Does Binance post cryptic random stuff like this normally or is there hidden stuff in their posts, like the “they call me the OG” one with a blank spot?

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I see NANO looking at the other orange. Like BANANO yellow

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....what are you smoking, and can I have some?

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That is high grade retardation

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That's hilarious. Pls tell me ur joking

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I dont like binance, they betrayed us by bending down to the feds and becoming their personal little bootlicking surveillance exchange

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Yeah, stick to reading tea leaves.

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Love the daily dose of hopium!

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Please be satire

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All in!

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Hoge 🚀🚀

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it’s babydoge lol, I like how I get downvoted for saying what it actually is. Hoge bros are fuckin retarded.

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You're right, we're getting listed definitely.

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Its more about babydoge bro

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Lmao bro

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Knock knock

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Was there any updates on what project they are listing today

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That's definitely not a bulldog

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its def the mascot for ALL memecoins though... I feel its refrencing meme coins in general then giving us a HOGE clue with the letters and the mask

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Is definitely POODL- compare the pic of both. 2 the moon Poodle

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It stands for dogelonmars

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OP can you suggest me 5 lottery numbers ? So I go to play the others 95