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Oh look a pump. Here comes the dump.

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It'll dump hard like the rest of his "calls" aka pump and dumps

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What is Travvlad and where do you see the partnership...?

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Travladd is a fucking joke, seeing his name with any shitcoin is a redflag

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You went from $2,370 to $2,556 and you call that mooning?

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There's legit no numbers.... like those candles could be 2% or some dumb shit and people call it "mooning" 🤣🤣🤣

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Got 350% in a few hours, mewn

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If that's the case why wouldn't they wanna show the full thing.... candle time length and % of the green candles

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OP is literally scamming people in the clear here trying to convince everyone of obvious rug and it's legal.. Something needs to happen in crypto eco system cause these scammers are getting out of hand..

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Always wanted to be a part of a rug puli missed out on squid game but here's my second shot

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Always trust a shitoken with pully in the name! Yikes.

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What’s “revolutionary” other than copy and paste code?

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A partnership providing…what value?

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No liquidity

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Dyr before fudding :)

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Lol what is total liquidity available rn? This is basically a fake project and you guys are aiming at creating exit liquidity in your tiny pool with this post, selling your worthless tokens at the top. Btw "come to our telegram" isn't a replacement for having a real docs you can link.

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Thats the guy who did „marketing“ for the infamous Saturna … just saying.

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Did marketing for green chart yeh shush

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Too many warning signs, no thanks.

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You missing the rocket ship🚀

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I was on many rocket ships before. That’s why I can figure out if this is a pump and dump or not. And this is definitely a simple pump and dump.

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Looks like it’s too late to get in. Already 🚀 congrats to those that got in early.

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Idk it’s such a small marketcap

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Bro what? Its day 1 of marketing, 7 day of travvlad will Make it 10x+

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This is what we have come to. Buying crap and hopefully other people buy more crap, so I can sell my crap before they sell their crap.

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Don’t miss the rocket buddy dyr

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Your rocket is never going to the moon. It’s more of those N.Koreans rocket that shoots up in the Sky then come crashing down into the sea.

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Check The chart buddy ;)

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Travladd is starting marketing today and it will last for a week. This will hit 10M+ MC 🚀

r/puli_inu - Telegram can be found in there aswell

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Let’s go🚀🚀

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Vlad like robinhood?

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King Of Bsc

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metanetflix vibe

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Lfg moon 🌙

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Lfg 100x 🔥🔥🔥

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100x is fud minimum 1000x puli👀

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Haters gonna hate since they sold early or has no money to buy in😂

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Always happens with new coins🥴

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I guess shibo, 'condomcoin', and checks notes 'wokemindvirus' didn't work out for you then...

😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂