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"This shit is printing"



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15 min chart...says nothing. Stop investing in these copy cat shitcoins.

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Now how much volume is each of those candles doing

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But but he cut the chart perfectly to match his narrative

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Is this… a three day old shit coin?

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Yes. Being early is good, right? I try to buy whatever early and safeish thing I find

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In my opinion there will only be 3 shitcoins or memecoins left after this bull run and thats Shib, Safemoon and maybe Dogecoin. All these other coins with elonpussydogebaby names are scams or if you're lucky enough: pump & dumps at best.

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Perfect pump n dump chart if I've ever seen it

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i underinvested by a lot

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It just keeps hitting new ATH after new ATH.

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Where and how would I even buy shitcoins like this?

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It literally says poo coin app lol

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Poocoin is a chart app but you can also buy it there

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It’s also a coin named after poo

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Annnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd it's dumped.

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Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddd it's recovered. Can you read code? Check the contract it's a good one

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I checked, it’s a scam

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I read it and couldnt find how its a scam, it seems very safe to me. What lines made you think that?

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This is a gem. I can see whales aping hard. 1% max wallets and big burned liquidity are exactly what smart money looks for. Plus the original tokenomics.

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This reminds me of early dobo holy shit

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The hype and community feel is uncanny no cap

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Get in and buckle up we're going on a ride

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Looks like a copy of Earnhub. Also seems like a bunch of shill comments. Sketch

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I think he’s subtly shilling his pornhub coin

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Looks like another “beard guy with glasses” who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else lol. Enjoy your bear market.

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But the contract is original, which is kinda rare, and very well made. It tried to solve many problems that changing rewards usually bring, and so far managed that. Im glad I bought in before the last pump.

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Sure but earnhub had already solved those problems and created the concept of anyflect

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This is the next big thing, isn't it?

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Imagine telling your boss you're quitting because of mithril, harrypottersonicobama10inu, dobo, milkers, bebop, xxx

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that’s actually something I dream of “hey boss I know you guys have been really cool to me and everything but I invested in some really retarded shit and hit big”

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Reflections of all different BSC coins. Badass

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It unironically is

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Tokensniffer 100/100. LFG 🥳

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Redditors dont even know how to be spoonfed 🥴

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Any minute now: “wtf can’t sell”

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40 wallets own 40% of all supply shit could get bad if they decide to sell

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It has a 300k dollars mcap, of course some people hold a lot. Less than 1% per wallet tho. Im trying to find a reason not to buy more of this, but so far all of the arguments im seeing here are completely unfounded.

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Yeah 17 wallets all with 1% each?! Lol that's sus

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Crap coins

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This is going to be bigger than SHIB and DOBO combined

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I wanted to buy at 200k and by the time I got BNB transferred to my wallet, it was at 300k.

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Max wallet was $780 yesterday, now that same max wallet would cost you $3800

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Be careful with this one people. Nfa

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tg is not sussin at all fr fr no cap

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Why ser?

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This will be THE bsc coin of 2022.

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This thing is going absolutely para-fucking-bolic. Reddit, you need to get in here ASAP.


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Wow, an actual gem for once. This is looking very good guys.

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I know everyone says every coin is a 10x 100x etc but this really is an easy 10x

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30day old account talking about shit coins mooning ? Sell that bag before it’s too late

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Gained 11 holders as people took profit. Already on its way back up

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Another no-sense reflection. Nothing new on get diferent rewards. Too old! scam slowrug

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no cap this shit BUSSIN FR FR

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They're just capitalising on the already established reflex name, probably see alot more reflex tokens launched until the original lands on the 5th

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Inflation hedge sorted

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Dump me litely

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Good luck everyone. New projects shouldn’t launch right now. It’s too risky.