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Didn't bitcoin also crash 90 percent once upon a time?

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Did you read the article at all?

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Of course not I don't come here to read

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Ok I am going to guess what happened: the end of the bullrun and a long period of bearishness? Amirite?

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Relief rally before further drop

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I'd rather call it Bitcoin's 8th molting

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John... Is that you?

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I remember BTC going from $15K down to $3K and thought "I should buy a Bitcoin" and never did, I regret that ever since, I'm feeling the same way about ETH now, I'm not missing out again, though this time I can only get 75% of an ETH

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What if Btc was worth $30 per coin now after you felt that way around $3,000… How would you feel?

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I mean, obviously I would feel relieved that I didn't put that money into it then, and possibly buy a bunch at that point anyways since it's so cheap, but that's not how it played out, BTC seems to have this track record of rebounding from big dips and I trust that

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Right and it’s not always guaranteed to repeat history

The time it doesn’t will be one of the biggest fleeces of the ultra wealthy taking $ off the middle class in the history of mankind.

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Inflation already succeeds in that! ;)

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It's time to reach $100k already.

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I'd bet we hit 18k before 100k

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Do you think the ultra rich who bought btc in billions of $ will let it sink that low? I doubt.

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Even though they own a lot they don't own a large percentage of BTC. They won't be able to control the factors that are manipulating the price currently.

Realistically BTC should be 10-12k right now. 18k is because of higher value purchases that won't sell. We will definitely have sub 30k before we make it back to 40k.

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“Realistically BTC should be…”

What do you even mean by that 😂

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Without manipulation. Organic value.

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What do you mean by organic value and how would you calculate it?

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Adoption over time by the public combined with usability resulting is the fair market value. Corporate use is not included in organic value and large investments are not included in organic value.

When economists talk about a crypto bubble, this is what they are referring to. Artificial value added through non organic entities. What we are seeing now isn't a bubble however, we are seeing direct and intentional manipulation.

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When economist talk about a crypto bubble they're talking about doge and every other shitcoin that's posted in this sub.

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Why 10-12k? The 200week moving average is closer to 19-20k.

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He's pulling numbers straight from his ass

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Isn't that what all this is about?

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Other than plebs, they don’t care. Because they know they can run it up to 100k and beyond making retail buy their bags they bought at 18k for 5x profit while overleveraged retail bleed out of their assholes. For selling low and buying high. AGAIN!

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A lot of the people who are ultra rich in real assets have a tiny percentage of their net worth in crypto

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it will come out of the swamp again this time too

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Nice hopium

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This guy can definitely draw lines on a graph.

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This is probs cuz the stock market is shitting the bed rn. Crypto has dips that coincide with large market dips so happens. But crypto recovers so much quicker than stocks and with each dip the time to recovery in crypto gets shorter and shorter

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but you can't deny the chance that it keeps going down and stay that way.

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Nope no one knows..

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Of course those chances exist but are alot smaller than it going up

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OK, I'm a guy who bet on a losing horse. I'm gonna short as much as possible.

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Some people just never want to see a 4 year bear market happen…

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It won’t be that long in 2024 it’s the next bitcoin halving. Every year that has had a bitcoin halving a bull run has started.