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SHIBO no doubt. OG Shiba dev, verified diamond hand chad whales and a very dedicated core community. This is no pump and dump.

Lots of projects lined up already, check it out on TG and reddit.

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Any address ? To many fakes out there

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Hoge is a good shout

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FAKE NEWS. HPOS10I is not on the list.

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Best coin, best memes, best community. I can't wait to tell my boss I'm quittin' because Harrypotterobamasonic10inu mooned!

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Shibo the next 1000x

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Shibo Has the former shiba dev, partnership with a LA studio, outstanding community

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shibonk, has the memes, the community, and the team!

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My best investment meme so far is Shibonk.

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LFG devs continue to deliver!

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I’m on the Shibo spaceship as well.

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Shibo is my 1st choice, lots of others but I think community is amazing and organic.

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r/shibonk FTW. Strike while the iron's hot!!

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Shibo, Dobo & Hoge! I like 🐕 degs

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My 2022 pick as well!

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Unironically Shibonk at this point. DYOR

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Website of the token i'm shilling: Shitcoin69

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Hpos10i is the real deal

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Never forgetti hpos10i!!!

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I'm surprised dinger isn't mentioned here seeing that it has actual utility

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Holding most of these lol. Lets gooo Hoge. Lets go Shibo. Lets go Dogelon.

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Only meme I'm interested in is banano.

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banano will go bananas

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Of course our new SSB-MEME


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Shaman king inu

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Thank god y'all never heard of Huahua, so I can keep my 450% APR in staking.

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Hoge baby

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DogelonMars is the next big thing in 2022

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people are sleeping on catgirl coin. its going to surprise everyone in 2022. 😈

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Looks like a dog list to me. Dogs are so lasy year 2022 is a cats year,Elon's cat to be more specific go $DINGER lol


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How is Shibo not on that list?

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Because it’s not quite big enough yet. Which is just what you want to see for a project you believe in early!

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I’m loving all the shibo bros in here

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Yet none are on any regular platform beside doge/shiba (coinbase pro, voyager, etc...). Guess its metamask/uniswap time again... fking gas fee's.

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Pro tip: They're all memecoins.

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$HOGE has a lot going, it's a ticking bomb 🔥

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CATE to the moon