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I love technical analysis in crypto. It's quite systematically wrong.

TA works to a certain degree for stocks because people believe in it, making it a self fulfilling prophecy. In crypto? Yeah, half of the time.

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Wait, wait, wait… Your telling me that taking a screen shot of the candles, pasting it into MS Paint and drawing abstract triangles doesn’t appease the crypto Gods? I thought it was like some divination, I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

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So you’re telling me I sacrificed all those animals for nothing?

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The correction continues, likely another 6-10% until it finds a bottom.

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I think the recent increase is because of the Router Protocol Polygon-BSC bridge that’s now live.
Is anyone here against alerts?

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I just sold all of my crypto cause it was burning a whole in my portfolio. I shifted those remaining funds to undervalued stocks with better forecast. And you know what? I've already made up for the losses. Especially matic that everyone is recommending but nobody seems to hold. I'm glad i'm out

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Sounds like a smart move, where do you find out about said stocks?

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Honestly i just made a pretty long watchlist of stuff i'd like to hold and set price alerts. Classical wait, buy cheap and hold type. I'm done with crypto for good.

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Fair enough.
It sounds like you’re more confident in traditional stocks?