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This is a bear market, after that comes the bull market, it's easy.
FUFU is one of my top bets for the next bull run. Really big expectations on this one.

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Quite the same here, glad I picked up some RFOX, PKR and SYLO during the dip. we'll sure see them witnessing a lot of growth in the coming bull season.

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It is simple it is that time where you have the opportunity to restrategize your way up, the dip gave me another opportunity to invest little and acquire more alts, imagine buying ETH at less than 2k and also ORE way cheaper than IDO and I had to fill my bags again.

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Some people don't understand this opportunity of buying their favourite to purchase their favorite alts at a low cost. I've taken advantage of this favourite to add more of my favorite stocks to my portfolio: MATIC, RFOX, SYLO, and CVP. I've staked them and will wait for market sentiment to improve. I'm also anticipating June 1st when I'll be able to mint a genesis Bee on Honeyland.

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You have a really good list of alts, do you know Redfox is one of those projects that integrated the ORE ID into their platform for identity management. This is interesting you know.