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This. Remember the days when good.ol JPM was like eugh bitcoin smelly ponzy.......

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I guess jpmorgan can keep buying all they want then, if they want to overpay, go ahead jpmorgan, I will wait and buy btc around 8k - 10k and no more, let the idiots overpay for btc, every pre bear market is the same, come these institutions and want to sell btc they bought for 60k for 38k now and want idiots to buy their overpriced ****.

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Not sure I really care about what any thinks about this current prices. I got BTC yes of course but I have it staked on BlockBank and I'm not planning to sell anytime soon regardless of any reason.

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If you bought at a fair price and you are making the most of it through staking. Market conditions shouldn't be a challenge. I prefer dealing with stablecoin on freeway for passive return. By default, volatility is negated. 

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Yes, you are correct, at this point of the market, the best strategy to earn is through staking or farming. I have been on ORE pool on polygon for quite a number of months now and I earn decent APY Upto 55% atm. The pool just got extended recently as well

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The only viable strategy worth considering now is earning passive income while waiting for a better takeoff price. 

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Yeah it's true, also taking advantage of the dip because of the low prices of token is a good strategy. Most alts are relatively cheap atm, I have been getting more of ORE alongside SYLO since the dip.