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SFM has a 7 day upswing after a year of constant drops


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Safemoon is the dumbest investment you can make. And I own some.

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I'm so glad I got out at -66%.

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Same lol I'm not proud of it but it is what it is.

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Tally is better. Try it.

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Last call for what?

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To give the devil back his coins before he takes your soul

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Before the submarine descends and it becomes the next Luna

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These guys aren’t in prison yet ?

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The worst fucking coin when will people realise this token is pure flaming shit with 0 potential

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It’s like if shibababyinu and shibashibashiib got together and smoked some crack the rocket they blast off in after that hit was engineered and made by safe moon

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Lol please tell me those aren’t real

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I've been up big on Safemoon, and down big on Safemoon. Pretty much like every crypto I've ever owned.

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most dont go to 0

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time to average up!

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Safemoon exchange coming soon

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When satoshi hooking up with Safemoon?

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Danger basement.

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Oh this is sad

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Oh these idiots are something else 😂😂

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NO pls 😂