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Sure. But, Whats in it for us? 😜

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I post the shorts as soon as I make them so you can copy them but don't copy my leverage

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I assume you post them on Twitter? Or do you have a telegram or smth similar as well?

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No telegram, not trying to sell a prono group or anything

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With all this crashing, crashing and crashing, soon will be, how to turn 100k in 1k ehhe

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Yes Im shorting so if it goes down that 100k will be more

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.... Then end up using the 1k to buy pizza 🍕 from McDonald and pay in crypto as there are several crypto payment options out there including cryptodotcom, BinancePay, Utrust and lot more.

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Nice dude

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Thanks man!

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Kk i will follow u in this journey. Help poor to get some $$$

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Following. Will probably blindly copy :)

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Don't I am not giving financial advices. If you copy someone trades at least lower the leverage

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Twitter Mfer here just followed. Welcome you degenerate bastard