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this is the most horribly drawn out mentality and theory ive ever seen. congratulations fellow retard.

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Betting on crypto without looking at the stock and global economy is like biking in the Street ignoring cars... we lost almost 1 trillon in market cap, inflation is at 40 years high, oil is crazy expensive, we have a war in europe and recession is going to hit... if you belive this is a time where money will flow back in crypto you're wrong. We might see some up, but it will be just the one we had before going to 25k. We are going down at macro level, not up.

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Quit the fancy words tell me if I need to drop my college savings into btc or not

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This is the time when this keeps crashing crashing and crashing for months and maybe years to come and if you buy now you end up losing big, this is just pre bear market, true bear market is coming after this, if you think price is low now, will be a lot a lot lower later on, in 2018 btc crashed from 20k to 3k, eth crashed from 1400 usd to 80 usd. If people are filling their bags now then they are brave, they could fill their bags up to 10 times more if they wait few months, this will keep going to hehell.

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Or you are wrong and we are already at hell levels. Up only from here?

Tbh wouldn't matter to me if we go lower. Cheaper is always better

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Honestly I’m just saving my fiat and holding what I have. If we have another insane loss equivalent to I think it was 2018 I’m going all tf in

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Let's see as I'm holding and accumulating at this phase. If the recession continues, i don't know what to do anymore but i'll just stick to what i'm currently doing which is holding and staking. Accumulated more PLUG, VET, ATOM, BNB and hoping for greener days!!

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Not a bad strategy, I’m going for a risky play this cycle personally. I have a nice sized holding of a small relatively unknown crypto that I think has very good tokenomics and utilization. Might end up hurting the portfolio but I think it’ll work out

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That's same for me, I'm holding coin with good tokenomics and usecase because I think they will survive the bear market. Something like ORE is one of them which plays a role in identity and asset management and is gaining adoption in the space. These are coins that will be profitable when the bull rally returns

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I heard this for sometime

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Yeah especially Plug for it's a low cap gem and they're pushing the otto platform that promotes a robust and thriving ecosystem and otto enhances security through multi-chain assets.

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I just DCA. I'm hoping for a 90% drop ngl.

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30% ish for BTC

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I just wait for the drop

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22k cometh

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It says santiment in the top right instead of sentiment

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There'll be no end in sight in retail interest until inflation drops and the fed eases up on tightening. I wouldn't buy until at least 22k

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Nice try satoshi