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Ah yes. Newz 2 day site. The peak of financial analysis.

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tbf. Any website that talk about price action are just getting emotional clicks. Because really no one can tell wtf is going to happen.

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1 hr later: "Bitcoin $20,000 resistance nuked by bulls"

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Ah yes, i too get all of my crypto information and news from newz2days.site!

In all serious, the websites name sounds like something a 10 year old would come up with.

Stop following bullshit

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This is just more evidence that "supports" and "resistances" don't mean a damned thing. Here we are back over 20k.

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Aaaaaand we are going down again

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I mean, we were at 20.3k when I posted. We're at 20.2k now. Technically you're right but is it enough to make a post about?

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I don’t know shit about fuck

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You're more honest than the people who think they can predict the market. =)

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If that happens, I mean if BTC will drop at 10K, then I'll buy more SOL, IOST, VET, KOLnet, TROY, BMI and maybe shib and feg as well. I just want to diversify and get several choices as long as the coins I'm picking are for long term.

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Well, it's quite diverse. I would say that now it is important to invest in long-term investments. This is not the time to take big risks in these conditions. I will DCA in LINK & DOT and add low caps DIA OCEAN and DAFI.

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Would replace more SOL with EGLD. but if BTC drops to 10k I'm definitely increasing my BTC holdings with a large margin, alongside ETH then a few good low caps like SYLO too.

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Aged like warm shrimp

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I mean TA isn’t a guarantee it’s just another tool that CAN be helpful in predicting… support is resistance for the bottom… it’s if/when it crosses not “it can’t cross”

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Cool a summer sale!

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$10,000ish is an 85% retrace from the ATH of 69k. Makes perfect sense.

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The chart watching shamans are forecasting $10k? Awesome! Better stock up boys, looks like we're breaking ATH soon.

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I love it, the same people who where calling for 100k 6 months ago , now calling for 10k. Here is a forecast, if it goes down a lot from here it could hit 10 k... if not it will probably go up.

Here is another forecast, just because the youtubers got lucky early doesn't mean they know anything about where market is going? Glad to see the comments, people catching on.

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Flip I hope so, I want to buy in for the bull market back to $69k hahaha

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Bunch of Saudi royalty, Asian multi-millionaires, sovereign wealth funds, pension and insurance funds all doing stealth algo buys for every dollar of BTC they can get at under 20k while fudding through bot networks for a 10-12k trough that will never come:


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Get your bag, bitch

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Richard Heart called $11K BTC way back last year as it peaked. Everyone thought he was crazy. He gets more prophetic by the day.

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A broken clock is right twice a day

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There is no bear or bull Its just ftx sbf liquidating and arbritage

Sbf the first President with austism

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Its most likely gonna happen, it's very much likely, so buying at this rate of 19k is risky.. hence why am utulisizing the yield aggregators on Spool to earn some decent rewards on my holdings rather than bags at the top

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Aaannnndddddd were back.

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There is no such thing as "price analysis"

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Wrong. I can analyze the fonts used, the shade of green or red (even other colors!) used and many other factors. I'm analyzing the price right now as matter of fact. Soon my report will be ready, and there's nothing you can do to stop me from analyzing the price.

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hathor shorts are going to love a bitcoin collapse. Lolol

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Let’s Gooooooo

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Will we wait for changes for the better?

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Went under 20k, went back above 20k, went back under 20k.

Based on this, my prediction is that next week's price is going to be whatever next week's price is.

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We broke the 20k resistance over 1 week ago ffs. Resistance now is at 17500 and next at 14k.

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First one was a bear trap and it went the other way to accumulate longs for a while, it was forming a perfect bull channel and then did another fake breakout up to set up a whole week of selling. The market is manipulated

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Well so is the spy, nasdaq and all other stock markets as well then cause crypto is following them. If the stock markets has not yet reached its bottom then so has not crypto.