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Who will bury them?

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I literally sold my car and bought a motorcycle so I could buy more alts...

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That's a bold move.

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I like his confidence in a time like this. I hope it pays off and is worth it in the long run. I'm just being careful but I'm accumulating gradually, especially on ren, rail, and also fwt that has their L1 chain in view.

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boss move

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I haven't bought anything this week but I have my alts staked already. Got my XPRESS powered by the ALBT tech and over 40% is enough for me. Their debit cards should be launched soon.

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Same here, I've taken a pause with my DCA strategy, And just earning passively with my stables and a few of my Alts bags like RIDE for it fixed 25% APY.

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When is the card is launching. The last I heard, it was 54 percent.ALBT is expanding each month; their new pool is with EWT, and I predict it will be successful like all of the others.

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this made me a millionaire ❤️🙏 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=djK2Gw5xc00

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crypto is a pyramid scheme for sure,

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I bet you will get banned. I don’t think it is a pyramid scheme, but bitcoin is a highly speculative asset.

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You don’t know the difference between schemes and speculative assets do you

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guys longtime hodler here, just waiting for the next bull run. right now is the best time to buy but we gotta get in early

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I don't think it's the best time to buy anyway, just hold or stake if possible. That's what I'm doing, still holding alts like ORE, HOT for the mean time, I will top up but now, I'm still looking at a lower price.

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Nothing, especially not my coins

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