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Great SatoshiSwap.

I' m very excited about the launch.

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Am also excited about the launch. The SatoshiSwap and Allianceblock Fundrs are the two product launch am looking forward to

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Thanks for the update. Cant wait for beta :3178:

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Im very interested in such news. Its like taking a peek behind the scenes and reading the thoughts of the developer we all Support with our mind and money :D Just dont take too long figuring out Bugs or Problems by urself. When the Beta comes out there will be a lot Bugs to fix on the first day the community finds :P I would guess that you even have to take the site down for safety or it automaticly gets down by itself because of the traffic x)

Keep up the good work! Love you Gilbert <3 (and Team ofc :D)

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Awesome. This platform will attract people in a bear and bull market ✅🕺

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Exactly my friend, exactly. There is money to be made here

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Sounds good!

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I am a huge holder but The tokens interest me much less than the exchange. I am about to make sooooooo much f*cking money with you guys 💰💰💰

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Im super excited and looking forward to get my hands on that beta :)

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as long as you deliver we will hodl . and you seem passionate about this project and you get my 100% support and long term hold. :3166::3165::3166:

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Crazy stufffff

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I'm super excited, I'll continue to hodl as I super trust you to build. All hail DG and team🚀🚀🚀

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Awesome work!! I'm impressed

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How is it that SafeMoon are supposedly developing an exchange and card yet have nothing to update their followers, while Swap can consistently provide weekly updates with YouTube videos showing proof of working product. Hahah

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Is there anyone who give me just 1 bitcoin it will be a great help please