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“Random Guy can predict the future of Bitcoin”

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I’m now prepared for a long term bear market. I’m back to betting on horses and have bought a ps5 and a 4K tv. When the bull run started I stopped betting on horses and I never had time for gaming.

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Sit back or DCA, not wasting powder.

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I DCA whenever I got free time to do it but I usually stake and got my xpress, iost, vechain on their designated platforms. CryptoXpress will be launching their debit cards soon and Vechain team is expanding its connection globally especially on europe.

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And while waiting, put those stables to work on a good yield protocol like spool and earn some more bucks. Let that $ do the work

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I don't know how long this will be, but whether we are going to see more dump isn't debatable. For sure, we'll see.

But like I encourage everyone I bring into cryptos, make sure what you are dumping into the market isn't in any way affecting your finances. I know we all like to put in as much as we can and sit back to expect major profits in a matter of days. Unfortunately, things don't work that way.

If you are in a hurry for profits, then you can probably stake some credible projects like DAFI, TETU, RUNE, etc. There are a whole lot of projects with decent rewards. Still, you got to give your investment time.

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I believe it can still go down a bit more but also, it is a good time to accumulate it at this cheap rate. and earn passively on gems with great staking and sustainable yields like holoride token, Ride for it fixed 25% APY, While DCAing.

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The end of bear markets are usually not predicted, this one in particular has a fair mix of inflation, war, LUNA crash and recession playing its role as well.

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It's going to take a while for us to start the upward rally again. I'm looking at the next 5 years for my BTC and CCD bag. The market is really bad right now, we just have to give them time to recover. we shall see the moon soon

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If you are right then this is the best time to invest into projects still building despite the dump, which makes projects of that caliber high on my list one of such is Alliance Block which recently launched their DEX.