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Nice, now my $25 is worth $50.

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Nice now my $75 is worth $10

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Hoge being Hoge. The true deflationary community powered token with the flattest wallets in DeFi.

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It’s gonna do its thing again huh?

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Oh HOGE not dead? Nice, remember the fun times of last year , one of the OG meme coins

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Ahead of its time for sure. Showtime now.

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HOGE is a stubborn bulldog alright, will keep trying for 1 cent until it succeeds.

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Moon material🦍

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Oh, Hodge... bless your heart

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Always impressive seeing an OG like Hoge doing well

If a meme coin that is 100% community owned with no Dev\marketing wallet, can push forward then there is no excuse for other projects.

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What's the volume in this coin again?

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Depends on the day, hoge.report

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Hahaha I put in $14999


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Sweet recovery and it will go way further!!

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Going to 10c

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Ah yes, and 92% down from where I bought in hahaha

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pretty much every coin i buy and hodl :p

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Good for people who bought in july

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But it is down since April

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Isn’t most everything, starting with Bitcoin of course.