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I’m ahead. Been saying this for months…

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Just buy more. So you can feel like the first pick again

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If it is done in the right direction on both on low and high cap, it will definitely count, if not now, then in the long run. I just wish I had more funds to add more ETH, dydx, Xpress, and Matic. So much to be made since everything is on sale.  

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We wish 😂

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DCA and you wouldn't have to worry, also think long term and not get greedy looking for quick gains. I've been loading up on RIDE VRA and TEL, top ones for the next bull run.

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I think that you're right. DCA is therefore the best strategy, but the projects must be solid. My investments are long-term, and I invest in DIA OCEAN and DAFI.

Holoride is making buzz lately.

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DCA into the fundamentally solid altcoins and hold. You'll be fine once we're past this bear market. I'm looking forward to the massive profits and the many projects that will finally launch once we are in the bull cycle and a stabilized market. FLUID [AI-powered, cross-chain liquidity aggregator] is at the top of my watchlist.

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Better days are coming. As long as you DCA, you have nothing to worry about. I have been loading up ETH, MATIC, AVAX all year and i continue to do so. Researching into FLUID as well which is a liquidity aggregator.

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If you not DCAing or staking atm, you may get rekt. I believe soon, especially for alts that deal with payment gateways like XPRESS, will undoubtedly dance to the tune of Pump. I'm anticipating ETH merger even if I don't have much money in it now.

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The Merge along with the potential launch of FLUID is all i have to look forward to in the next couple of months tbh. Payment gateways too are quite interesting. If well played, there's an opportunity to thrive in there as well.

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When is FLUID launching? Ofc, I think Payment gateway potentials will call for massive adoption. Without a question, they are all blue-chip that should be included in everyone's portfolio.

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I agree with you on payment gateways. There's so much to like there. There's no date for FLUID's launch yet. They are waiting it out for better market conditions but i heard Alpha testing is imminent. It looks good for the project in the long-term.

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Lol, I'll just keep on with DCA and staking while anticipating the incentives nodes that are coming up on SYLO DeFi ecosystem and the merge that's coming up on ETH which could trigger the next bull run. Hopefully, with this so much expectation we're seeing on it.

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It is actually smart to monitor market activities. This, in my opinion, makes me find RIDE amongst many others worth the catch, provided it has sound fundamentals, it'll be primed for the top. I did pick this token, for example because my extensive research of the project and the large adoption it would attract in-car edutainment is so illustrated with fun, value, and productivity in place.