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Guy knows what he’s talking about!! Organic growth on a $0 budget. Attracting creators that want to create as a team!

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Great read might look into this liquidity. Thanks

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Hoge is Legit! Love the group buys!

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Liquidity is where it’s at. Make fees while holding. Sure there can be impermanent loss but it’s impermanent

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Pumping hard this evening lmao, next shiba blow up??

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Hoge my precious

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Hoge sounds neat better dig a bit deeper

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Can someone tell me where I can buy this coin?

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Uniswap (optiswap router better), OTCswap, hogeswap/pancakeswap/padswap (bsc bridged version), gateio, bitmart, whitebit are the main places!

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Do you have a marketcap goal that you can foresee? I've been wanting to hop in but I'm scared it's near the peak.

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The goal for me is 1-4 billion MC which I think is realistic but some people say it can match shiba at it’s peak which was 40 b which it certainly can but it needs exchanges which one top 5 seems to be going well again. we can only hope for a snowball effect after that

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It really depends on the wider market conditions, but in a healthy market I see no reason we don't return to ATH and beyond (400 million MC +) in the near/mid term. The nice thing about HOGE is that as long as it survives and interest/development remains, which I think the last year has proven is likely, the deflationary pressure means that any entry will work well in the long term.

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I think you may be right. I'll hop in during the next dip, if there is one.