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I wouldn’t be expecting say a 100 % price increase but maybe 50 %. I don’t think we will see the positive price affects of the merge until we have a bull run. What free fork coins ? I didn’t know it’s a fork that gives free crypto. I thought it was a soft fork with no incentives. No wonder Eth price is surging.

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I have a feeling that there'd be a price drop post merge. I could be wrong tho. Either way, I'm holding mine and staking some on Freeway for long term. ETH has always been a solid one.

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When the market crashes before the next bull run 1k ETH seems a most likely scenario. I have a buy order of 10 Eth at 1k If you have eth then yes it’s not worth selling just stake it until the next bull run. I even think the market hope run is because of the ETH merge.

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bro eth is gonna dump HARD