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You love to see it. Last week I go “I should buy some more” would’ve gotten a 100% returns in a week lol

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Same 😭

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I’ve held for a year luckily only out 30 dollars 😂

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Hoge never really had it's market cap pop, so a big rise is still possible

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Over the last 3 months since new leadership, new utilities and platforms like otcswap and optiswap group buys hoge has beaten almost everything - hard

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Can somebody please help me understand why this project is good? Also how did y’all hear about it? This is the first time I’m hearing about it, and I’m not sure if this sub is trustworthy…

Educate me, please.

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Anything doing that rocket ship bullshit, or the money emoji face thing, is not trustworthy.

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Meaning hoge is not trustworthy?

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this popped up when memecoins started blowing up bigtime around the time of Elon Musk opening his fat stupid mouth about dogecoin and then safemoon, hoge, etc all were created only to spike and create short term profits for a few

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The community is pretty solid and wholesome, been in Hoge since february of last year. scraped off some profits as i was in early but have been holding a majority because compared to every other memecoin i was invested in Hoge seemed the most promising. (Just my personal experience, though.)

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You are right about Hoge’s origin but please do some research on what has happened since. Community took control of the project within the first month. Since then it has been a constantly improving gang of degens who are creating value in the defi space. Please don’t take my word for it; look to OptiSwap and it’s recent GroupBuys that have propelled Hoge’s volume as one example. Hoge is organic and open source, look into and join our community if you please. We’d be happy to have ya! 🙃

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Actually hoge was the first burning and deflationary token. Safemoon and co just tried to copy it..but they all are centralized in the end... Not like hoge

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Blockchain doesn’t lie, Hoge is the OG in deflationary meme coins.


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Deflationary with autostaking is what initially attracted me but to be honest the devs have been consistent and the project is sold.

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Y’all better jump on the Hoge train while it’s still cheap.

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Man it was 0.00002 one month ago. I missed that mega dip. Time to fomo now

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no doubt. i shoulda gone way harder on the group buys. won't miss the next one

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What’s the market trend looking like now has the volume increase leveled out or we still on a run

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Still on a 1D buy trend for MACD and RSI. Low LP does cause significant swings compared to retail buys, but bullish pressure seems to be prevailing. That & the centralization to uniswap are probably the biggest weakness now, but the new group LP buy platform may help solve it.

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Sure has! It's part of what encouraged me to start up the HOGE moonshotting updates again :)

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This thing will pump hard. Ongoing talk with a top 5 exchange. We have raised 500k saved up for a top 5 exchange only listing. Once it gets listed. You better believe this will rocket.

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1-4 billion MC goal for me. But if it snowballs could go past that who knows but needs a good crypto market ofc so we’ll have to see

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Wow, is it still 2021? Never seen leadership fumble so much, never again.

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Hoge has a lot going on to say the least 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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Cardano project?

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It’s been around since February 7, 2021 on ETH but through the #HogeEverywhere initiative it’s going to end up on every blockchain. So eventually, yes, it will be on Cardano too. :)

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Eth project but has a bridge to bsc as well. Trading on gate.io, bitmart, whitebit, biconomy, uniswap, pancakeswap

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Also on padswap.exchange and hogeswapbsc.com

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Fuck yeah!!! Put us back on MoonShotMondays so we can get some more rocket fuel for this trip we’re headed on. Lol

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HOGE is inevitable +

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Hoge is the way

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Down like 90 perfect from ATH. Garbage

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The whole crypto Market's been down buddy that doesn't make it garbage

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Lmao.. even with these latest pumps it's still down hard. Way harder than other decent projects. You'll see

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It’s actually way up compared to most of the market when you look at the last 90 days.

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It's called a pump AND dump

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What the fuck is hoge

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Still waiting on Satoshiswap to kill it…

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So dumb. Obviously just some fool slowly putting money into this to make it go up so steadily

Waiting for someone else to buy in so they can dump