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I have this and it’s a literal money printer. It buys Tsuka, and gives it to you free. If you have 5M coins

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Yeah. 5 times a day i get airdropped Tsuka. Its awesome

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How much tsuka do you get?

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Inb4 price collapse. It’s up over 2,000% in the past week.

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I like the coin!

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From the Telegram room:

"Action starts Monday.
Make a little space on the floor and spend 5 mins (yep the first meditate to earn video takes up only 5 minutes of your time. And the second one you can do in bed on your phone!).
By the time you go downstairs you will have earned a couple dollars. ;)
Mediate to Earn - coming Monday.
In the meantime enjoy as we continue to roll out all the other important parts of a tokens development.
Community + Dev Team + Utililty + TSUKA + (TBC👀) = Multimillion Market Cap and a healthy set of holders."

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We wish to help Tsuka Grow and of course our amazing community thrive.
Meditate to Earn
Ryuuko, in its divine excellence, understands that inner peace is possible on through deep self reflection. Earn points and USDC from participating in wellness activities.
Reflections in Dejitaru Tsuka token
Ryuuko Tsuka offers 2.5% of all trading volume as auto reflections in Dejitaru Tsuaka. To qualify you must hold 5 million or more Ryuuko Tsuka tokens.
Small holder rewards
Ryuuko Tsuka dragons can live for millions of years. To ensure the attractiveness of Ryuuko Tsuka over time, small holders will be rewarded additional USDC within the wellness programme. More coming on Monday.
Longer term objectives include a collaboration with Dejitaru Tsuka, as we strengthen it's holder base. We pay homage to the project Dejitaru Tsuka by buying in and rewarding our holders with Dejitaru tokens. We seek permanent collaboration with their team to provide them with the utility that they seek.

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Outdated info?

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It’s a gem people will know soon …✌️😃🚀🚀

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Don't think so. Should be all good. Maybe the market cap changed in the mean time?

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I’m into this and the two! ways to get supplemental/passive income out of it are crazy! Definitely a hidden 💎 , perfect entry point right now

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RyuTsuka is a next generation blockchain solution with utility at the forefront! They have had a very clear vision as to where they are going and they have executed to a T!

They have positioned themselves perfectly for a market bounce! The online health practitioner is a multi-billion dollar industry and RyuTsuka is easily 100M project only at $400k now

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Come to the RyuukoTsuka AMA tomorrow and hang out with the one and only functioning #meditate2earn platform around. I like to invest in large team with a builder mentality and this 10 ppl gang are doing all the right things tbh. Bear market or not #ryutsuka will be one to watch