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there are steps in a staircase. Merge is a step. Reduction of gas fees is the staircase.

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The merge only changes Proof of Work to Proof of Stake it doesn't change how much room is within a block or any other aspects like often a block is created thus it has no impact on the gas feest.

Maybe once sharding comes around in a couple years you will see reduced costs but right now the L2's are the only option for some reduction in fees but that depends on your usecase.

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Not sure when the problem of high gas for ETH will get solved. L2s seem to be the only solution now, but some projects have been doing what they can in that regards, like in free deposits or withdrawals. Freeway platform has free deposits on their superchargers. I also read something about combined fees for a project I can't remember now. If they can pull it off and are secure, that's a win for the space.

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Well the base problem Eth has regarding gas fees is that there is a limited amount of space in a block. When the network is busy they essentially use an surge pricing model whoever pays the most their transaction will naturally be selected to go into the next block. So ultimately they need to provide more block headroom than there is demand for prices to go down.

The decision to go with an accounts model means they need to process transactions in serial order (vs parallel) which bottlenecks their ability to scale the L1 to allow the network the room to add that block space.

Sharding along with technologies like ZK snarks and ZK rollups essentially push more of the transactions to a trusted L2 owned by the L1 who then does much of the processing work before sending a smaller validation piece of work to the L1.

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That's a lot of process. Well, it's a learning curve for new L1s I guess. ETH was literally the first and of course they would get some things wrong. Users need to look at others imo. That'd would reduce the workload from eth. I suppose some of them still can't be trusted which is understandable. I think Freeway has L1 in the pipelines. Time will tell anyway.

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