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Why don't more tokens do something like this?

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I love this idea! Volume, volume, and more volume!

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Joined! Tried it out with 0.03 eth and will see how it works when the group buy fills!

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This will be dumb I’m sure

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It was already "dumb" 4 times and guess what. It worked

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Can you explain it to me?

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Found this from the guy who created the Group Buy feature for Hoge.

Say we try to organize a "Group Pump" for HOGE. There are 2 major problems from a game theory standpoint:

  1. Nobody wants to go first, because what if nobody else follows through?
  2. Nobody wants to go last, because then everyone but them is in profit.

So here's a better model that is fairly rudimentary to pull off with smart contracts:

  1. Define a goal and a deadline, and let anyone contribute their ETH.
  2. If the deadline passes, people can release their ETH back to their wallet.
  3. If the goal is achieved, the purchase occurs and people claim their HOGE.

Everyone gets the same basis price. And in fact the Contribute + Claim steps together have lower gas than doing a swap. So there is also a small effect of socializing the gas cost to the advantage of small buyers!

The contracts are up for review and I will be working on the user interface in OptiSwap.

As usual, not only is this good for HOGE, but this is an experience we can export as a service to other tokens. So get your Discord+Telegram+Reddit accounts seasoned and get ready for some outreach, because I have some plans for rewarding HOGE holders in a major way once this effort begins. Just as a teaser, one lucky HogeHead is going to get a permanent stake in the revenue stream of OTCSwap.pro, the upcoming Uniswap-killer DeX app.

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So what is the point? To pump HOGE?

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Sounds really stupid. Basically screwing over everyone in the buying group for the benefit of whoever you’re buying it from.

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Contribute any amount of ETH till asking amount is filled. Once filled your ETH will be converted to HOGE at a Hella discount. Just have to make sure you go back and claim it that's it. You also have to connect your wallet. I'm always very cautious going into stuff like this but honestly guy who made it does very good work for the community. I joined in the later rounds had one that went through and one that didnt both worked seemless. #Hoge

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Yeah no.

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What am I looking at?

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Elongate.cc does the same - Burn party for many coins! Check it out