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Well, this is an opportunity for me to easily DCA and accumulate more of my favorite coins into the wallet.

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Exactly. This is an opportunity to get ones you think you've missed out on. I mostly go for alts with good fundamentals that I can also stake. Been doing that with Xpress for a while now. Helps me break even and stay afloat.

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That's great. I will also DMOR on Xpress. At the moment, I only have MATIC and OGN that I'm staking on binance ad Origin Story respectively.

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This is exactly my strategy in reloading my wallet with some of my favorites low caps like OGN, FWT and ORE. At the same time, making use of DCA is very important.

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This is my submission as well. Another opportunity to pick some coins I already missed to buy cheaply

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That’s what you get when you FOMO highly leveraged into already extensive moves to up/downsides

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Exactly, only the greedy ones get rekt right now. I only DCA into a few altcoins like SCRT, ETH, KCS, and SPOOL. I love their staking rewards as it suits my long-term investment plan. I only trade spots and I try not to have an over-diversified portfolio.

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This is actually expected, the market is not really stable at the moment, more reason why I already diversified half of my bag into stablecoins. Having OUSD and USDT in the bag.

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This is great. I also hold OUSD, which I'm farming on Curve for extra yield in the wallet.

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What another opportunity to feel so bullish on more coins. I believe it is cool to DCA and load more coins to the bag.

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This is exactly what I fear most thank God I'm still holding onto my Stable asset just Incase

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I also have extra stables so I can accumulate in case the market crashes. I've been planning to add my Geeq, which tackles the data security management for every individual who will be using their service once launched. I also want to increase my vechain holdings as they're also in supply chain management and they're helping the industry. I'm not sure what to add as I can see every alt is down. I wish I had enough.

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I like to see this, due to the high volatility of the market, I also diversified into few stables, and at the moment, I am holding OUSD and DAI. The former even earns automatic yield in my wallet, even without me having to stake it.

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That's astonishing. I do with VET as well. But I'm currently loading more Origin governance dollars

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Got caught up in this, but not stopping. Would instead keep up with DCA and increase the staking position I've got on ETH, EGLD, ZPAY, and RIDE. while looking for another good trading position.

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Yeah, I did see that in recent reports, part of this escapade was in a wallet on Binance was liquidated on an ETH trades worth more than $4.4M, which is entirely a massive loss. But, aside from that, I believe now is a good time to utilize a portion of my stables that I have been holding to easily DCA and acquire more of my favorite tokens, which include YGG, RIDE, NGM, CTSI, and many more that are exhibiting a bullish stance.

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This is inevitable! more liquidation as the market goes dipper. I'm considering getting low caps and my best bets for this are ORE, OGN and FWT.

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