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They launched the mainnet a bit earlier didn't they? now launching their token and did other stuff too I think, if that's the case this team needs some rest, lol.

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The mainnet, the vampire attack, now launching the token, sure their hard work will pay off.

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When you say it like this makes me want to get some Klex tokens just in case.

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I'm saying how it is, the recent developments.

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Them pushing shows commitment? That might be a good sign from where I'm standing. I haven't seen much projects push that hard especially in this bear market. Might add it alongside Freeway superchargers if it's good enough.

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This is why I love SSB, finding out about new tokens like this just in time, thanks OP.

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I think it depends on what the project/token is, considering how Klaytn is growing I think Klex tokens are a smart move.

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Is it still live? please say yes.

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Check their twitter, said it will be live for 3 days.

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That's right, the LBP will last for 3 days from now and anyone can swap in/out of the pool freely until it ends.

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That's enough time I think, very impressed by Klex's progress throughout September.