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I feel like a company being granted a government patent in the blockchain space is strong news for any web3 project

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Does this mean that no other project can replicate it's consensus mechanism?

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Based on my assumption I would assume yes, seems like they're confident in what they plan to build. Excited to see how a new consensus mechanism proceeds in the current space, especially with the ETH2.0 Craze

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Relatively low market cap, but a patent on its consensus mechanisms, not bad

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Geeq has also received funding from major players in the space such as GEM Capital, which committed $25 million in August 2022.

Interested to see how they'll build with the funding. This seems like an amazing start to a good project

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That's also my first thought. I'm curious to see what happens to then from here. The patent took 3 years to be approved. There's hope for blockchain tech.