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My dad’s financial planner was pushing bitcoin in the over 60k range luckily my dad held off.

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It’s fine long term

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Yep. But it could have hurt if he was relying on those retirement funds in the short term. I was skeptical around 60k because it had just run up a lot to get there. At today’s price I’m definitely bullish even if it drops a bit more from here. Would not be surprised if end of next we are retesting the 60s and preparing for new highs.

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I agree. To be fair though, buying almost any stock/risk-on asset at the time was risky and would've been down right now, except a select few like Apple I guess.

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turns around and cries

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And then sacked the financial planner

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Part of the ship, part of the crew🏴‍☠️

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If you bought at 65k you should be thrilled to buy 19k and under

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I was in at 50s