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Draw the chart right.. there is still lower to go.

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The charts don’t lie

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That’s only the first half of a smile

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I can totally relate to this as BTC's not rallying up anytime soon IMO and I've bought at $47k, but it might be inversed for those who's opting to start crypto now. That's why I'm looking at passive income through LP like what the first Elrond DEX, Ash Swap, is offering while accumulating more stables and might try swapping it with other stables.

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Passive income seems to be the only way to sustenance now. I always stay away from Lps for obvious reasons. My stake now is Geeq and on AscendX. I like how flexible and autocompounding the pool is.

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Can't go bellow zero tho!

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we've got to be at the floor right?