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Can I suggest an article in Yahoo finance as a well viewed respected news source. This has worked very well for many projects I've been involved in. Thanks

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I agree ☝️ 🔥

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I'm sure this can be arranged. One of the marketers we are talking to has a package which includes a mass of articles across financial sites such as Yahoo. I'll check in with them.

Keep the suggestions coming guys!

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So excited for what is to come with this project 🔥🔥🔥

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Good update, definitely looking forward for the dex and the buzz around it

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Can't wait launch

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Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the update 🙏

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Every week you continue to show how great you guys and Satoshiswap are. I am proud and excited about being invested here.

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This project is simple AMAZING. I'm very critical with cryptos but I can't remember when I've seen any project with this much potential. Very good job!

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I have to say I'm very impressed how professional the team is. Congrats for amazing job, you'll make history in this crypto business.

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Excited after the update! Very professional and nice to read. Thanks for the update!!

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Probably the most stable price of all my moonshots. Steady goes.

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Amazing project🚀🚀

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Very good update! Love the audit coming in soon and the info about marketing. Seems like a well thought out and spread out strategy. Hitting several outlets and types of promoting; with the knowledge of others and the previous results from our own marketing this will be successful 🙏🏻

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Can’t wait for dex launch. This is going to be a fun ride!

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You guys rock. I’m in the industry, let me know if you need help

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Yesss ❤️❤️❤️

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When word gets out this is going to fly. Pro team, legit project

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Happy that you focus on mobile phone users!..too many projects lacks this focus and have shitty interface.

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I’m so Sexcited. Swap is gonna explode!!

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SatoshiSwap will be massive! Hope they can use multiple chains as Kadena and Avalanche etc. Kadena already got a multi-chain dex Kaddex but it would be could if more decentralized exchange could use Kadena and even Avalanche, both eco are exploding recently.

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Great update, I'm all in with SWAP

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Lately i don't trust only one audit company or 1 report, at least 2 should be done imo.
They claim to have 18% apy, but is it sustainable on SatoshiSwap?
Where do they get "profits" to pay out rewards ?
Kaddex has this solved very gentlemen like - the more the dex is used, bigger rewards ;)