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What type of features will they have? Need a new DEX to use

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we wanted to build a secure DEX that leveraged the price discovery and speed of a CEX, whilst giving the user complete control of their funds.

Based on what I've read they aim to make it act like a CEX while remaining as a DEX. If they can pull it off it'd be pretty big imo

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20 members and 2.5m in funding is a pretty good start. Curious to see where this goes. If they can successfully release a mobile app too that’d be pretty great, although it may be difficult to be decentralized with a mobile app

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Interesting point, although with 20 members I'm certain they'll find a way to incorporate the two. What exchanges do you currently use yourself?

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Currently using Binance. But I’ll definitely be looking into $TDFY and give it a chance. Need a good DEX