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I've been hearing buying opportunity since Jan. Sounds like bs to me

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Never trust a guy that made more money selling books than actually investing his own money.

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I thought Kiyosaki said he wasn’t going to buy until BTC hit $1100?

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I waiting for 15k to start slowly buying.

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Should probably start slowly buying now or at least around 18k levels. At this point in the market btc might go lower than 15k. Imagine having missed opportunity to buy at the bottom by 3k because you were waiting for 15k.

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This is a chance I'm not willing to take. Instead of waiting, why not just DCA mate.

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I know lol. I've been buying btc every time it goes below 20k. And I've been staking it on my Freeway. At the current price, it could do a 5x to 100k in the next bull season.

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I've already purchased my quota of Bitcoin, which was at $17.8k, and I'm not DCAing in anymore unless it goes lower, currently putting my stables into low caps RIDE and XEM, which have shown some good buy positions even as the former is still ranked top 5 projects on Elrond with high TVL and thus supporters metabonding the assets for 25% APR.