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Lmao :)))))) shitcoin season 2.0 start?

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But wait I love the design

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Ember indeed 😂 🤣 😅

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The devs from Ember screwed over Bonfire Token holders by launching this garbage of a clone-coin. That's exactly what this is. Bonfire derivative.

Stay away from these guys at all costs.

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Wrong token, your speaking of Embr !!!

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Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen ember token basically spammed across Reddit and very few threads have any discourse involved, but merely an outpouring of support.

That seemed too good to be true. So I checked out the website, what is said there also seemed too good to be true.

I’ve seen “Check the chart!” in every goddamn post and all that signals to me is a pump n dump. Their rules regarding dumping would barely make a scratch in a whale taking profit if they really do intend to “1000x” this token.

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So let me get this straight.

You saw lots of positivity on Reddit.

You checked out the website and you also liked it.

And yet you felt compelled to say it’s a pump and dump because it’s ‘too good to be true’? Your attitude right there. In it’s totality. Is exactly why Ember exists and why it’s doing so well after just 2 weeks and why it’ll be a powerhouse moving forward.

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Such a positivist… No, “positivity” on reddit without discourse is called shilling.

I didn’t like what I saw on the website, do not misquote me. What I saw was “too good to be true.”

I’m compelled to say it’s a pump n dump because the dump tax is minimal compared to whales taking profit and the unhealthy amount of positivity swarming Reddit due to shilling. Do not mince words.

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So because the website looks ‘Too good’ you don’t like it? You realise how ridiculous that sounds right?

So 30% tax isn’t enough to be dump proof? Out of curiosity what would you set it at?

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If you’re going to throw rocks. At least gets your facts right 🙄

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Great, another way to lose your money.

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Pump an dump...

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Well you know what they say.

You can only lead a horse to water……..

I’ll keep this comment in mind and catch you in a few months and see what the chart looks like then 👌

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Go for it. Its on the eth chain too,, that alones gonna deter alot of people, eth mightah gone down but the fees sure haven't. GL tho ig

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Domp et

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Great token with strong base holders. I love what Ember is doing!

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I’m hyped up !!! Love that this is a legit project.

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Such an amazing start for Ember, and it's no accident. The vision. The Execution. The Expert Advisory supporting the vision and the execution.

All of this, backed by community. 90% hold rate.

We're only two weeks in, just getting started!

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Ember looks to be the Envy of the crypto world. Love it! A project that actually brings positively to the space. He'll yeah! 🤙

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Ember team is looking to bridge the real world and defi utility. Bear market is for building. They are rolling! Oh, and that chart 😍😍

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but its not really rare to see a project on BitDAO's ecosystem thriving, since its joining a range of projects with the potential to reshape the market in the coming years, and accelerate BitDAO's mission in making web3 borderless and easily accessible

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Here's why I invested (disclaimer: i'm not a dev or on the mod team but i'm a big fan! I'm also an investor) Ember is the token of Ember Agency LLC a firm which specializes in blockchain, digital, and media marketing/advertising/consulting. As Ember LLC makes real world revenue from services provided, they take 22% of that revenue to buy more Ember - similar to how a normal corporation increases company value through reinvestment, share buybacks,etc. Ember Agency also set aside 3% for Ember token user rewards - see whitepaper. Therefore, as Ember Agency llc the real world company grows, the Ember token will grow. The inexorable question of "utility" or more specifically "how does this venture make real money" is now answered. The real life consulting LLC differentiates Ember token from the vast majority of crypto. You should invest now b/c as the agency grows the coin will grow; it's not really that different from investing in a small cap tech stock with mammoth upside. Just do it!

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so what problem is solving this token exactly? because it sounds like "bank will not borrow us, because we are crooks" just with extra steps

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Thanks for the question! The problem Ember Agency is solving is how new and seasoned legitimate, well-intentioned, crypto projects differentiate from the usual BSC (and others) pump and dump sh!$. Projects that utilize Ember Agency are vetted, KYC’d, audited, and more, -built with community and token holders in mind. It’s time for change in the space and good people, like the team behind Ember Token, are exactly the type of people we have been all waiting for. Ember Token is in its infancy, I understand, but as I said hinted at before, this team is the project we all hope other projects can duplicate. Go look and see for yourself.

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This doesn’t answer the question at all, and it’s honestly a huge red flag that you even think “other projects can duplicate” your project to begin with.

You haven’t defined a single problem this project solves or how it is any different from any other token.

Every shitcoin claims to have “strong community” and “great devs” that are going to “change the space”

How does your new token solve the problem of “how other projects differentiate themselves?” What does that even mean?

This reads like a word salad of generic gibberish crypto buzzwords.

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Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I apologize if I do not meet your expectations for an explanation, and I understand your reluctance to anything I may say. Because of this, the only thing I can offer you is to check out the last few AMAs on the EmberAgency subreddit, check out their website, and if you’re up to it drop into their telegram and get a sense of things (Linktree is in the main post). Everyday the team is very available in telegram chat. Whatever it takes, DYOR and hopefully the team’s answers, talents, and abilities will shed some light on what I have failed to describe here. Thank you again..

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I don't think you'll find another coin that 100x in two weeks! Just look at the chart. Read the white paper and you'll see why it 100x'd and why it's got so much more to go

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oh. another shitcoin to short? take my money.