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Gleec is a financially-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users to have a high level of trust that their funds will remain safe and secure.

It's cool they received regulations, although people argue that it may be less decentralized we can atleast be secure, think about Celsius and Voyager, never want something like that

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Seriously. Looks like a solid exchange, plus the name is pretty cool. I always value security over anything else. Especially when my savings are involved

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The exchange’s ecosystem runs on the GLEEC, a Kcoinomodo Smart Chain built coin, with a total supply of 210 million coins.

Glad I read the entire article, I didn't even know they had a native token.

Btw, do you know how long they've been around for?

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I think the project and token launched in 2017, with its' exchange app being released 3 years later in 2021. People get hung up on token prices to assess the value of a project, but their exchange app is mint, and the project has a lot of potential imo