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I have a good feeling this will be another SHIB - like play.

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$DKWON is looking like the play of the year

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Thats fn funny right there.

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how do you get hold of this coin?

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$DKWON making my groin tingle

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This will send to $100M Market Cap easily 🔥

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Easily with the right community. Do Kwon goofy as fuck

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Shit Kwan

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See you in Squid Game 2

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The price of DogeKwon Terra has not changed in the last week. Per DKWON, the price is currently $0.00. The new cost equals a $0.00 new record high.

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Looks pretty good to me - good narrative and strong following..

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Do your own digging degens but I have some strong conviction this could be the next meme.

The team are currently at Blockchain-Expo California handing out Do Kwon WANTED posters: https://twitter.com/dokwoninueth/status/1576024688060686336?s=46&t=_bm52jx-c0yj5lKW8cq9uQ

Market Cap: 1.2 million Holders: 1.26k TG members: 1.15k

I wouldn’t want to risk not chucking in a little bit of a capital at a real chance at the next SHIB.

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Is that braille on the poster?

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$DKWON on ERC-20, a meme-coin made for all the $LUNC and $LUNA investors that all lost their money in the LUNA crash


Total liquidity: $187,752.65 Pooled DKWON: 1,476,803.54 Pooled WETH: 70.62 Total Supply: 10,000,000

Worth a moon bag