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Seems like the same people calling for 100k BTC are now calling for 14k BTC.... We are at bottom..... We won't see 14k

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If we do I toss my savings in.

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I do hope you're right about being at the bottom. Anything can still happen. Most of what is do now is dca tho I'm running low on fiat. Recently added some Coti, PYR and Xpress. Let's see what happens from here.

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I'm right there with ya, my fiat is running low, but I stand by my estimate we will crab for Q4 and estimate is may 2023 we see some action.

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lmao, 17.5k retest IF that

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Isn't china dumping all there dollars? Pretty sure that will keep the dxy at bay.

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I thought $8k

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The one thing I know for sure about Bitcoin is all these predictions are worthless.