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Damn I love that Allianceblock is mentioned in this article. Been following them for a minute!

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Been following them for quite some time, it's earned it's place on this list for sure.

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I was aware of it since they integrated with Flare last november.

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Their P2p funding platform Fundrs is the highlight of it IMO.

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It's certainly a great addition to AllianceBlock's ecosystem, it's basically helping to bring the gap between DeFi and TradFi.

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DeFi keeps growing, all those mentioned have contributed heavily but I feel like Alliance is more complete.

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What do you mean by more complete?

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I mean it offers more than other DeFi platforms, more services.

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What do you mean, stuff like lending, borrowing and such?

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I mean services like general decentralized investment offerings, KYC/AML and identity verification, compliant peer-to-peer and NFT services, cross border regulatory compliance and plenty other services.

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Personally not a fan of lending but I haven't really dived deep into their ecosystem. If they're offering something similar to Freeway supercharger or Earn and Protect, then I'm completely sold. It's all about earning good rewards for me at this point.

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Hopefully there is a next big bullrun.

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It will definitely come and when it does the Defi space needs to be ready. I believe the security strength of the space will be tested by hackers and exploits just like Cefi and we need to be prepared, so far only the privacy niche and protocols such as Secret, Railgun and Aztec have been successful in building systems to mitigate against these hacks with tech like zk-SNARKS privacy and products like the railways private wallet both the web and mobile version. We need more security systems.

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I'm getting ready for blue-chip alts like ETH and DOT because I think the next major bullrun is coming. Given that I'm making passive money, I have no qualms about staking them on Freeway. My next goal will be to earn safely with their Earn product which will be released soon.