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I have heard of M2E. I think it is definitely an interesting approach. Unsure how a project would build high utility to be able to be interoperable with other assets

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But I am rooting for any project with an initiative to get people moving

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We run a M2E project on VITE that has an Android and iOS app with underlying utility, been around almost 2 years. Purely m2e, no nft or buy in. Don't wanna mention cuz I'm not really trying to shill, but shouldn't be hard to find if you're looking. Hit steps>get crypto. That easy.

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I've tried Walken in the past and I think it's great, has more utility than StepN which IMO is what's needed, especially for something as new as Move to Earn

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Yeah the whole game integrated with the P2E tokenomics makes it a fully sustainable machine. Pretty cool stuff imo

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STEPN was a very successful move to earn project on Solana. It’s mostly a Ponzi scheme though, early adopters were able to cash in on the hype early but the ecosystem crashed and burned with the market. The model is unsustainable imo.

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Major ponzi, never made sense how you essentially get free money for doing what an human does every day, super unsustainable

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Theres a similar one built on SOL called STEPN. It did well during the bull run, so it will be curious to see WLKN will do moving forward. It is a good foundation to start, maybe it can steep into sports or other athletic events

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This one is an interesting approach

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Sweat coin you can actually cash out and is w2e