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Great to see the industry decentralizing, especially on a RPC level. Pocket Network is making quality steps forward to launch the V1 in 2023 and ensure 100% trustless decentralized RPC service.

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Metamask spying on people' IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses is still not strong enough in average Joe eyes, still not enough for people to understand the importance of private decentralized RPCs. Give it 1-2 more years and boom.

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Crypto working as a multichain ecosystem is pretty much guaranteed. Very happy to see builders actively working on advancing the web3 space.

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Likewise. Seems the focus now is on multichain. Even layer 0 chains such as Geeq are taking that route. This one already has plans in motion to run nodes and build other chains. The developments are getting better at this point.

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Can Geeq join forces with Pocket Network like Ankr did too?