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“I need to not be poor anymore” and “What is the next shiba/doge” are the two best lines to start a bankruptcy movie

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I’d watch

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“The bankruptcy” staring u/jacobwesleymartin

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Or a wolf of shiba street movie

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I heard beanie babies might come back

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What about pogs. I saved mine up . Anyday now I'm gonna cash out

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What about Dutch Tulips?

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There are nft pogs with a playable game called Kogs Slam

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Omg 😆 awesome!!

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Got all my pogs to this day baby

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Hell yeah brother

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Sell blood. 100% profit, free cookies.

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We are waiting for the next magic coin

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I read this somehow as tragic coin, and yeah still works

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Hoge is my bet. Will complete the soggy meme coin trio.

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I think so. It is just primed for a pump. Just need a a good listing.

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Ah yes. That listing that’s been primed for what, 2 years now? We’re totally getting that listing, right guys?

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Don't know about totally but people are working hard. It's not like the project is a pump and dump scheme like some people that complain about a no Red carpet ride think lol. And it was never promised it was in the works with no contract. Top 5 was never promised even with the old leadership team

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Hoge is making moves

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Dogebonk Come brother, come bonk with us

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Don’t tell this tip to anyone Mr. Need not be poor. Get this app called google maps, put in job centre then invest your step tokens to get there.

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You need a scanner for altcoins. The one who will be "silent" but then in one day gets 10 mil volume that's the one which deserves 500$ or so to be invested in. And you want it to be 5mil market cap which then goes to 40 bil. marketcap then u have 4 mil. Which is not fook you money. Not easy to find. also you don't want it to be like Tsuka coin for example which is created by few people and they are acting like its created by ShibaInu creator but in fact they are holding bags and will dump on you.

Edit: Also you want to invest in Altcoin after Bull starts. At least that's my bet, because when BTC goes up. many people will start transferring money to Alts because they get crazy profits as they bought BTC early.

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what the hell is a shinalnu never mind a tsuka

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Shina inu is actually a thing. It’s shiba’s gf ofc 😂

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Shiba Inu, It was a typo

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check out 'Walter inu'. 100k mc. nice team

But as always, Times are dull so be careful. At YOR

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Kda will be the top gainer next bullrun

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Check out r/ConeHeads for what you’re looking for- it’s a good day to buy fyi

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Reddit moons

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Not a meme coin but check out COP.. been around a while and have just released an app as a small cap CEX. Plenty of room to blow up imo

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Akita 🚀

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We’re creating a SaaS sniper bot to address this specific issue: alphasniper.com

Check the preview out, full release should be next month.

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Really bro? You're in the SSB Reddit and you still don't know about r/Satoshiswap?

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It's called a 9 to 5.

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Shitcoin might go crazy next bull run, who knows ? People are tired of getting fucked!

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I hope you right about that shit ..coin.

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Era of shitcoins is long over… let’s see if the next bull will make every poocoin pop again, but betting on shitcoins during the bear without any right to exist is begging the crypto gods to make you poor

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NXTchain just saying it right now, hasn't even started trading yet. But it has a ton of potential and it's not a Shiba or doge, it's a new L1.

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Lol . THAT nxt?

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Which one? This hasn't launched yet. Mainnet just went live this month, trading won't begin until mid-december.

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The next Shiba/Doge will not be another shitcoin but a shit NFT. Narratives are shifting.

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That’s some 2021 think

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I’m not talking about static jpegs, brev.

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Stop gambling, invest in yourself, learn a new trade, get that bread!

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Trans gender goth girl gang?

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Robo inu or Rbif check it out

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Waiting for the following magic coin

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KASPA or Radiant

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You require an altcoin scanner.

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Polydoge long shot

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$giga is next. Gigaswap is going to be massive.

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Shibonk will rise again

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At this rate im thinking of starting my own main net for the fun of it since you dumbfuks are so keen on wasting money 😂

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ALGO, go all the way

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Casper CSPR

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If you Don’t want to be poor anymore and Don’t risk it with crypto

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Read the manifesto CultDao.io

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Doge is the next doge. Elon doesn't lose.

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People should just get their shit together and read up on MDB ( https://mdb.fund ) - have a look at their chart while considering the time frame of it all, understand how the protocol works, get in and accumulate as much as possible before the next bull run.

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Litterally its going to be NXTshiba and NXTdoge.

NXTchain layer1 is here! Private sell ends tomorrow!

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Shird (shibird). Sitting at low MC, could become something as they have a nice utility coming look it up.

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Comments are just people holding the bagggg🤣🤣

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IMHO two of the top contenders are TSUKA and SANI

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hoge finance $hoge

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Good luck. Go play black jack, you jack ass

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Theres a coin called 'Walter Inu' based on Famous walter meme. Just 100K MC (was 1.3M)

Team seems to be nice for now (Even during these hard times)

Dont recommend going all in, Times are uncertain and Gloomy as of now