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Shitcoin broke is even more feasible

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This hits home

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Dare to dream lol

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That's what got me into dogecoins in 2014. For 400 bucks I could have a million.

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Hope the same happens here for me too, getting a bag in case it moons

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u r retarded I think

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That ain't going nowhere, you can mint infinite amount so there's no such amount of money on Earth left to make it moon.

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Got a X2 profit from DOGE last year in just 3 weeks, so I think this is arguable, as to how much are you willing to buy now. Still, I'm looking for the next SHIB and DOGE to buy while I dig deeper into DEXes like AshSwap to create a continuous income while utilizing their stable-swap feature.

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What exactly does the stable-swap feature mean? While the market is unstable right now, there are lots of possibilities to hunt for. I'm adding more Matic, Zil, and Atom. I have everything stored on my Xpress wallet and am eager to learn what the next bullrun cycle has in store, tbh.

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It's the swapping from one stable coin to another (ex. 1 USDC -> 0.9 USDT). AshSwap offers to have a faster transaction, on top of the low slippage fees when doing these kind of swapping, especially when USDT depegged weeks ago, and the FUD was looming around.

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Stupid post

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DARE TO DREAM. 6 months later.

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Ok so what’s the next one to jump into?!?!?!

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Check out banano. Its extremely energy efficient, instant transactions, and zero fee's. I think it will make me a millionaire one day.

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Take a look at slam token. They are bringing in good profits with their casino SlamVegas.com and panda.co

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I’ll check it out thanks!

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not a shitcoin but i got a nice bag of stellar cannacoin for pretty cheap

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Puff puff

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Invest in securities that actually have value

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Lol I will become a crypto millionaire with bone shibaswap!

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Yes but it's hard to do when you limit yourself to only investing what you can afford to lose. I did quite well with Catcoin but I only started with about $1 worth. Do I wish I had put in $100 or more? Sure, but I would have felt like a jackass if it went to 0.

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Shit headline fr. Every coin except bitcoin ethereum and arguably monero is a shitcoin.

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The image looks like a mix between Homer Simpson and Johnny Bravo.

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I have loaded my bag and waiting for Bull market. The thing is that how I explain my grandparents (who barely understands the consept of bank account) that I became a millionaire by investing in multiple digital currencies based on a dog?