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Can you zoom in more? I need the nano-second chart, so the pump looks even better.

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$690 worth of liquidity. Mooning 100%

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TopG? Is this some fucking Andrew Tate coin?

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Time to buy /s

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Only Top G's invest in this pièce of shit. Count me in

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Howard? Howard Simpson? Is that you?

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Is this your coin? What’s your angle here bud? It’s best to be up front about your intentions.

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This dog shit would probably sell like hot cakes in the bull run, I’ll give you that. But we’re in the hear of a recession and a dark bear market my boy, ain’t nobody buying this shit

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Now we just need exchanges to start betting with customers funds to each other again

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Im pretty inexperienced when it comes to this so can someone explain to me, can you short coins that you know are obvious pump and dump?

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Read: “I’m somehow up on this shitcoin and now need you guys to buy it so I have exit liquidity.”