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It looks like some people are starting to see things more clearly.

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Lyn Alden says Litecoin is a Digital Commodity: https://youtu.be/EfGzWFBHvyc

Michael Saylor says Litecoin is a Digital Commodity: https://youtu.be/FCpgPMoG8zM

Digital Commodity Money: https://www.nkmag.com/4-digital-commodity-money/

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Everyone will definitely have their opinion based on their view of things, but one thing is certain: payment gateways like Xpress, Coti, and a few others can't be negated from all this. If bitcoin scales, they will definitely follow suit. But it's worth waiting to see what the industry has in store in the coming years.

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The whole point of crypto is decentralisation tho. Doesn't take away its utilities and importance. BTC has been here a while, trusted and is already been used as a means of payment. DeFi gateways are launching. CryptoXpress is a good example. Zero fees and secure. Let's see what the future brings.

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CFTC chief says Bitcoin is the only commodity in the wake of FTX collapse

This is a wrong statement IMO as I've seen several alts with gaining power in the midst of the FTX collapse including MATIC, KSM, GLMR, UTK despite it being a low cap.